Tuesday, October 25
Claude Pepper Senior Center, 1762 S La Cienega

The proposed project is at 5835 and 5839 W Pico Blvd, 1355 S Orange Grove.

Project Details:

4-story, 28-unit mixed use project (3 units for very low income residents) with 2-levels subterranean parking, ground floor retail & parking On-menu SB1818 density bonus requesting a 35% increase in the allowable FAR for providing 11% (3) very low income affordable housing. Case #s DIR-2016-3487-DB / ENV-2016-3488-EAF.

Come learn more about the project, how it will affect you and share your thoughts.

Project representative: Napoleon Merana, David Takacs Architecture (napoleon.merana@gmail.com)

Tuesday, Oct 25th 7pm Meeting Re: Proposed Project on Pico