PVNA held a Special Meeting on March 25, 201.  You can view the meeting minutes below. Also, just a reminder to GET OUT AND VOTE on Sunday, March 31st for your Picfair Village Representative to the P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council.

Voting takes place between 10 AM and 4 PM at the Claude Pepper Senior Citizens Center (1762 La Cienega Blvd, between 18th & Airdrome, Los Angeles, CA 90035)

Please note that at Neighborhood Council elections, voters always fill out a short registration form at the polls before casting their ballots. You are not pre-registered to vote even if you are already registered to vote in national elections – or even if you’ve voted in a Neighborhood Council election previously.

MEET THE CANDIDATES https://clerkappsele.lacity.org/nccandidates/index.html?ncid=51


Neighborhood Council is your community’s voice at City Hall. Together, LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils form the grassroots level of the Los Angeles city government. Unlike other municipal, state, or federal elections, Neighborhood Council elections are open to anyone who is part of the fabric of daily life in a community. A Council’s stakeholders include those who live, work, or own property or a business there. Also included are “community interest stakeholders,” who have another type of ongoing, substantial involvement within a Council’s boundaries, such as students (or parents of students) at a school, or members of a church. Voters and board members need not be US citizens or legal residents to qualify. Participation is also open to the formerly incarcerated.

Learn more about Neighborhood Council elections at http://EmpowerLA.org/elections


March 25, 2019
Picfair Village Neighborhood Association –  Special Meeting;  Meet the Candidates
Michael Plante – president PVNA kicked off the meeting, introducing the Pico Neighborhood
Council Picfair Village representative candidates Sylvester Robinson and Hydee Feldstein.
Sylvester Robinson (incumbent Pico NC PV representative) – opening statements:
“Moving from present to future.”
Focus and passion for education.
Community relationships with schools
3 reasons to vote for Sylvester:
– passion is education
– value diversity and transparency
– work collaboratively with the board
Hydee Feldstein – opening statements:
Clarifying the difference between PICO NC and PVNA.
land use focus
at large member of PICO NC
co-chair of the PICO  NC land use committee
has worked across PICO NC to challenge over-development, inappropriate development.
retired lawyer – has offered assistance to residents when challenging development.
Q & A:
– How the candidates would represent Picfair Village vs their personal interests.
– How to increase neighborhood involvement in PVNA / PICO NC.
– Parking – larger issue for future meeting.
– To get permitted parking (currently the 1400 blocks of PV and 1 block north of Venice, 75% of residents need to approve.
– Sylvester discussed what his next steps would be with the area schools.
– Hydee discussed what the next 2 years will look like for PV and Pico neighborhoods in terms of new development.
– Question on affordable housing and access to it.
– Hydee explained that HCIDLA determines allocation of affordable housing units.
How it’s enforced?  She would like a 311 system for the affordable housing topic/issues.
– Question on homeless population and HHH fund usage:
– Sylvester explained that shipping containers were converted to homeless housing units.- 32 units in downtown LA.
– Question on involvement in development in PV, zoning, TOC.
– Current hot button issues for PV –  development, affordability.
– Question on making PV a more walking community.   How would the candidates bring local businesses together.
– Sylvester and Hydee discussed emergency preparedness, earthquake response – generators, emergency supply replenishment services.
– Both were asked how they interpreted the responsibility of the Pico NC PV representative role:
– Sylvester – communication – Next Door, Pico NC – 100% transparency.
– Hydee – filed to run on Jan 4th, concerned about Abundant Housing LA taking over neighborhood councils, cares about the neighborhood and wants to work to activated the neighborhood and strengthen community.
**Call to alert neighbors to vote on March 31 – 10am – 4pm
Claude Pepper Senior Center, 1762 S La Cienega Blvd (between Airdrome & 18th).
Meeting closed.
PVNA Special Meeting Minutes, March 25, 2019 – and VOTE!