Picfair Village is in Council District 10:
Council President Herb Wesson
Field Deputy: Elizabeth Carlin elizabeth.carlin@lacity.org

Picfair Village resides within the P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council boundaries. The Neighborhood Council has monthly meetings, the second Wednesday of each month at Claude Pepper Senior Center, 1762 S. La Cienega Blvd. Neighborhood Councils are sanctioned by the City and given City funds to operate and provide community improvement/outreach opportunities within their boundaries. Whether you are interested in making a policy change in your community or in the city, or voicing concerns about issues that effect your neighborhood, this is a good place to start. Picfair Village has an elected Representative that sits on the Board. Contact Sylvester Robertson for issues that would be appropriate for the Neighborhood Council.

Senior Lead Officer Adam Green – Basic Car 7A53
(213)793-0647 Email: 30948@lapd.online
{Southern boundary only goes to 18th Street}

Emergency: 9-1-1             Non-Emergency 1-877-ASK-LAPD
Wilshire Police Station Front Desk:(213)473-0476

To get information about joining the COMMUNITY POLICE ADVISORY BOARD (C-PAB) click HERE.



                                  COMMUNITY RELATIONS OFFICE PERSONNEL
General Telephone Number (213)473-0200
FAX (213)473-0454
Sergeant A.J. Kirby – Officer In Charge (213)473-0288 27136@lapd.lacity.org
Sergeant Antonio Gonzalez – Basic Car Coordinator (213)922-8267 27591@lapd.lacity.org
Officer Tony Euyoque – Cadets/DAPS Coordinator (213)473-0200 30821@lapd.lacity.org
Officer Yolanda Flores – Cadets/DAPS Coordinator (213)473-0200 36767@lapd.lacity.org
PSR Stephanie Nelson – Admin./Event Coord. (213)473-0558 E9067@lapd.lacity.org
Officer Jonathan Miller – Volunteer Coord/CPAB (213)473-0200 36783@lapd.lacity.org


When To Make a 911 Call
When To Make a 911 Call