FEBRUARY 12, 2018
SGI Friendship Center
5899 Venice Blvd.

Debbie Gaughan, Interim President Valerie Woodson, Interim Treasurer

Liz Carlin reported that “NO STOPPING 10pm-6am” signs on Venice Blvd from Thurman (Spaulding) to Hauser will be installed in about 6 weeks.

Treasury Report – $801.14

Annual Review –
• Under this Board there was a Digital Easter Egg Hunt where residents put out eggs and participants took pictures of found eggs. Residents were invited to gather at a location for light snacks generously donated by Vons.
• Special Meeting to address new development on Pico and Curson
• Holiday Lights Walk – Residents gathered at Paper or Plastik for hot cocoa and hit the neighborhood for a stroll to enjoy the holiday lights

Chin Thammasaengsri LAFD Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) South Bureau Coordinator. Q & A
Spoke on emergency preparedness. Importance of being self-sufficient;
take care of self first, family next and lastly Community.

Emergency units (911) will not be able to get to you in a disaster.

• 1 gal of water per person per day.
• have a flashlight
• put important info on a flash drive
• have extra medicine for 7 days

If you’re interested in becoming a C.E.R.T. volunteer contact Chin

Report from P.I.C.O. NC Representative Sylvester Robertson:
• Outreach Committee is going to be hosting a series of Emergency Training events for the NC.
• The new bylaws are complete and will be voted on shortly.
• New elections for Neighborhood Representatives will be in 2019
• Ad hoc committee will be started under Land Use to broaden awareness of new development as well as implement suggestions on responsible development.

FOR P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council information go to

Elections Update:
There were no Candidates for the new Board therefore Picfair Village Neighborhood Association (PVNA) is, as they say in the theater, Dark. The organization is on pause but a vote was taken and past Interim Board members, Debbie Gaughan and Valerie Woodson have the authority to:
A. Activate PVNA for Special Meetings (ie For Elections/
Urgent Information that would require more than an email)
B. Be caretakers of PV Kiosk
C. Use PVNA mail list to continue communication about ongoing events that may impact the community.
D. Continue posting announcements benefitting community (from City Staff or Community Groups) on website/Facebook .

And Ms. Woodson has the Authority to:
• be left as guardian of Bank account

What will not be allowed during this time is:

• No PVNA Funds will be spent
• No official communication sent from anyone stating they are a Board Member



PVNA Annual Meeting Minutes: February