Came to order April 11, 2015

Called to order 10:15 am

Attendees: Claudia Bayard, Callie Bloom, Marilyn Sommer, Patricia Rucker, Daisy Smith, Amelia Buhrman, Joe Carrabba, Tia Hughes, Rosalyn Valentine, David Washington, Art Terry, Anthony Respondek, Andrew Sowards, Sylvester Robertson, Monique Carrabba, Barbara Williams, Tad Teferi, Courtney Ferguson, Barry Stinson, Carolyn Houston (spelling), Ione Jackson

10:16 am Introductions

Outreach Committee for City Council: Outreach program supporting body cameras for LAPD which will be soon at Paper or Plastik. Will keep stakeholders informed.

18th Street Farmer’s Market: They have been evicted. If you are interested in the Farmer’s Market they are going to have a meeting at the PICO NC Regional office on April 20th.

Raise the Wage: Chamber of Commerce may have a meeting about this soon. It will be on ballot on 2017.

Ordinance for 45 Moratorium on Mansionization in Effect. PICONC has sent in an impact statement. We will post this on our website and Facebook page. If you have a position on this please submit a letter.

The Impact Statement from PICONC and also information about the Police Cameras will be sent to stakeholders to take a survey to see if it’s supported or not by the stakeholders.

Adam Green, SLO: We are no longer permitted to have him because it would be overtime. It was requested by a stakeholder to have the Captain. He could also come to explain the cameras.

Meeting adjourned.


Monique Carrabba

Picfair Village Community Association Meeting Minutes April 11, 2015