JUY 14 2012

IN ATTENDANCE: Monique Carrabba, Kevin Browne, Rick Pamaran, Diane Isaacs, Darren Davis, Khristian Martin, Daisy Hay, Julia Persaud, Richard Goldenberg, Victor Goldenberg, Ron Lowe, Tom, Jones, Janet Washington, Barry Stinson, Nathan Cox, Stephan O’Bryant, Jenna Wittman, Revida Love, Kevin Milner, Sharon Thomas, Debbie Gaughan, Lisa Clark, Eve Pereira, Beverly Turner, Robert Berry, Ione Jackson, Judy Riha, Tad Teferi, Sydney Stinnett, Cheryl Huckaby, Styder Lewis, Sara Trujillo Don Stewart

CALL TO ORDER: 10:12am

Kevin Browne, President
Darren Davis, Vice-President
Monique Carrabba, Secretary
Diane Isaacs Treasurer: Balance: $1,085.25
Rick Pamaran: Asst. Secretary

LAPD: Senior Lead Office (SLO) Officer Green 10:15am to 10:39am:

Our SLO, Adam Green Basic Car 73. Boundaries 18th/Venice to South/West. San Vicente to North and Olympic. Redondo to East. He is back after an injury.

Also present: Officer Joe Armstrong. Officer almost 5 years. At Wilshire Division for 1 year. Assigned to Adam 53. and

Officer Alan Munoz: Officer at Wilshire Division almost a year. If you see anything, tell your neighbors or flag an officer down.

Crime stats within 7 day period reported.

Officer Green: Back on Crime. Petty crimes number one problem (cars and homes). Thieves work in crews of three. They knock on door. If you don’t answer they look for a soft target. Cracked window. Open rear door. Some of the thieves live in area and some don’t. One will stand outside property and talk on cell phone another will be the driver of escape car. If you see this behavior call 9-1-1. It is an emergency. Arrest was made recently. Know your neighbors. Get a good description of any suspect. Call it in. Leave a stereo on or TV on and always arm your alarm. #1 point of entry is rear window.

To get reports about the area from SLO Green sign up for E-policing. To sign up go to:

Fireworks: Are an information only radio call. If units are in area they will go only if there is a suspect description. You must get a description to get a unit to respond.

Liz Carlin, CD10: 10:39am to 11:14am

Movies in the park: City Council President, Herb Wesson, JR is sponsoring through the summer at parks around district.

Medical Marijuana: There are many in our district. The City Counsel is going to make a policy decision regarding taking a position on it. With Medical Marijuana and Compassionate use it’s difficult as there isn’t a blueprint for policymakers to follow.

Stop Sign at Carmona and Pickford: They are still working on getting the stop sign. Donald offered to provide photos of traffic incident. Ms. Carlin suggested the homeowner can make a claim for any damage caused from accident.

1648 and 1650 Curson: 10 foot high trees on parkway planted. You can’t see owner’s house from the street. Ms. Carlin was going to look into issue further.

Tickets: If your plants grow over parkway and block the sidewalk you can receive a ticket. SORO was ticketed for leaving their event signs out. Remove signs for events and garage sales. Sometimes you get a ticket or City Attorney’s office may even call you in. There are planting guidelines on what can grow in the parkway.

Street Services: They are cracking down on illegal dumping. Leaving items next to trashcan can get you a ticket. If you have a bulky item call 3-1-1 to request bulky items pick-up.

PODS and Trash Containers: People can leave them on the street with a permit for 21 days. The permits are renewable. With trash containers they must get a permit from DOT.

1616 Genesee: Liz will look into what the status is of the unfinished home.

Speeding on Spaulding: Kevin is in touch with West Traffic. There is no budget for speed bumps.

Claudia Bayard, PICO NC Representative for Picfair Village: 11:14am: 11:27am

PICO NC is having an election. Election Meeting Wednesday at 7.pm at CD10 Office July18, 2012

Tom Bradley Center: They do a lot for the community service such as computer classes, car seats for moms and income taxes done for free.

Food is given out 1st and 3rd Thursday. They feed a total of 800 families in our community each month. We are in need of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at the Tom Bradley Center contact Tony Nichols.

Debbie Gaughan: Pumpkin Race on October 28, 2012. 11:14am to 11:27am

We will be racing pumpkins down the hill that needs a stop sign. Please contact Debbie if interested in volunteering.

Kevin Browne: 11:27am

We need volunteers for the mixer and the pumpkin race.
We need a secretary for the entertainment committee
We need a community garage sale committee. We will do it how they did the sale in Wilshire Vista. It will occur in next few weeks. Monique will send email to see who wants to volunteer.

Towels for Animal Shelter: We are collecting towels and dry dog food for the animal shelter. Deadline is 7/31. Please contact us if you are interested in making a donation. Flyers were handed out.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Monique Carrabba

July Meeting Minutes