Get your home ready with a rain barrel or two!
How are they free?
Distribution is November 12, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at 5931 W. 18th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90035 .
Go to
to confirm you are eligible for the rebate.
Purchase these rain barrels for $85.00 each in advance.
To order your barrels go to
When you pick up your barrel you will get a receipt.
Once you get your receipt you can request your rebate at:
Catching and re-using rainwater minimizes flooding,
decreases ocean pollution & nurtures trees + plants.
Pre-order your re-purposed, 58-gallon, black or terracotta
rain barrel for just $85 through Rain Barrels International.
5931 West 18th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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