PVCA November 2014 Minutes

Picfair Village Community Association Meeting
General Membership Meeting
November 8, 2014

In attendance: Claudia Bayard (Interim President), Sylvester Robertson (Interim Vice-President), Julie Persaud, Linda Robinson, DeOttis Vallet, Art Terry, Callie Bloem, Chlorita Walton, Maxine Robinson, Monique Carrabba, Barbara Williams, Olivia Veh, Lise Johnson, Sydney Stinnett, Elizabeth Benton, Cheryl Huckaby, Eula Collins, Muriel Collins, Joe Carrabba,

10:12am – Introductions.

10:15am – Block Captain/Neighborhood Watch Meeting Update, Callie Bloem: Meeting occurred October 23rd. 17 blocks covered. Next steps, introductions made at meeting. Takeaway current block captains will try to get more people involved. Callie will email list of blocks still in need of Block Captains.
Will request a list to be posted on Nextdoor and Picfair Village website to try to get more Block Captains signed up. It will be good in case of a neighborhood emergency. No liaison for block captains decided. Callie offered to continue to volunteer. We would like to determine responsibilities of Block Captains once we have enough coverage.

10:20am – Security Patrol Update, Lise Johnson: Enough pledges to start service. Requested method of payment for security patrol. Lise is waiting to hear back from all households that have pledged. 82 households signed up and 22 households still waiting to hear back on payment preference. 66 have paid or prepared to pay. Goal is to start patrol by December 1st. This will not affect the households that have not opted in. Patrols will not park in front of non-paying households. If the security sees something that doesn’t look right they will alert people but will focus on households that are paying for service. One household on ever block in Picfair is participating. Will patrol 5 hours a day. Name of Company is City Guard and it will be an unarmed security patrol. Once the company starts patrolling it was requested that it be announced via post to stakeholders on Picfair Village website and Nextdoor.

10:30am – Meeting Dates & Schedule for Next Year-Discussion/Action – Sylvester Robertson: No meeting in December accept for Board Meeting. Proposed meetings for every month and have it during a weekend evening meeting and rotate on weekend. Suggested meetings are in consistent location. Suggested CD10 meeting as another location. Meetings could be 1 hour per suggestion but committee will be and propose options to stakeholders. Officer Green cannot come on weekends to meetings anymore. A break in occurred on 1700 block of Spaulding on Halloween with Senior in home. It would be better to have Adam Green meet during the week meetings.
We could set up a committee to schedule the meeting. Will schedule Committee Meeting with Claudia Bayard, Monique Carrabba and Carolyn who offered to be on Committee regarding meeting schedule.

10:55am – Marijuana Dispensary Locations, Claudia Bayard: 9 locations under investigation. Update on Marijuana Dispensary will be at Saturn Elementary. Date 11-12-14.

11:00am – Homeless Living Under Venice Underpass, Claudia Bayard: Legal group got involved and if someone is homeless they have to do a legal eviction if they have been their over 30 days. They can’t have their personal property touched. Actions on underpass issue on Venice TBD.

11:08am – Small Lot Sub Divisions/Lot Density, Claudia Bayard: Picfair Village so far as not been exposed to small lot sub division. Many other areas in CD10 have including 28 units on Dunsmuir. The city of Los Angeles just past an ordinance (July 1014) making it easier for developers to build using Small Lot Sub Division guidelines. Guidelines will be posted to website. Pico NC is notified when new projects come to the area. PICONC Land Use Committee Meetings are the 4th Thursday of every month at CD10 office on Pico.

11:20am – Winter Wonderland, Claudia Bayard: –CD10 holding it on Western and Washington: Volunteers needed. December 13th. Please contact Claudia Bayard if interested.

11:25am –Von’s Market, Claudia Bayard: They are discussing to remodel the Von’s again. When they do remodel it, they will move it forward on location (remove parking lot).

11:26am – NextDoor, Claudia Bayard: Whoever is on Next Door you can’t block what people say because of their 1st Amendment rights. Claudia has been contacted by Next Door as they are monitoring our group. The company send an email about their policy and procedures regarding people blocking other users posts.

11:35am – Elections/Nominating Committee, Sylvester Robertson: Elections, Lise Johnson proposed a motion to have elections in March. The vote count was 18 yes and 0 no. Elections are scheduled for March 14, 2015. The Nominating Committee should meet; sort out any conflicts in the by-laws regarding nominating procedures and confirmed qualified candidates 30 days before the election. Qualifications for each seat will be posted on the website.

Nomination Committee will be announced on website. Joe Carrabba, Claudia Bayard and Lise Johnson volunteered to be on it.

11:45am- Turkey Trot, Olivia Veh: Will coordinate the day of Thanksgiving walk/run at 8am.

11:46am- Third Thursday 5pm to 9pm, Claudia Bayard: Food Trucks and stroll down Pico Blvd. This is to bring more business to the community.

11:51am – Open floor, Sydney Stinnett: Beyond the Generation of Vipers, book written by stakeholder. The correlation between student achievement, parental support in public schools. The book can be purchased. You can buy the book from Sydney for $15 of site.

11:55am- Next Door Administrator: Stakeholders voted to Remove Ezeoma Obioha as our Nextdoor administrator. The vote was 16 for, Opposed 0.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55am.

Signed secretary volunteer,

Monique Carrabba
Stakeholder Picfair Village

Picfair Village Minutes 8-9-2014


Emcee: Claudia Bayard- Acting President

Additional Board Members Attending Mtg.- Sylvester Robertson- Acting Vice-
Ezeoma Obioha- Secretary
Rosalind Valentine- Treasurer

• The meeting opened at 10:10 AM by interim president Claudia Bayard. A general announcement was made regarding the agenda.
• Stakeholders introduced themselves. Approximately 38 stakeholders were present.
• Agenda was as follows: 1. CD 10 Report Elizabeth Carlin/ 2. Security Patrol Update/ 3. Neighborhood Watch Discussion/ 4. Questions and Answers/ 5. LAPD and Community Updates/ 6. Reports and Announcements

Details of Agenda Items:
CD 10 Report Elizabeth Carlin
Elizabeth Carlin was not able to attend.

Security Patrol Report and LAPD
• Chosen security company- Citi-Guard. Sam, the representative for the company, will come to our future meetings.
• So far, 50 households in PicFair Village have agreed to the service. The patrol can range anywhere from 8 AM to 7 PM.
• PicFair’s services will be Monday thru Friday for 5 hours per day at varied times.
• Pricing was mentioned. However, it was suggested that Sam or another representative of the company, discuss pricing with our stakeholders when he comes.
• Also suggested- Signs posted throughout PicFair stating that we have a security service.
• Contacting our SLO’s (Senior Lead Officers) from Wilshire Division was mentioned again as follows: Adam Green- 213-793-0647
Charles Thomas- 213-793-0786

Neighborhood Watch Discussion
• Block Captains- more stakeholders signed-up to become block captains. Sylvester is collecting the names. It was suggested that a block captain meeting be held at Council 10 office at 5651 Pico Blvd in the near future. Callie Bloem and Olivia Vegh have agreed to coordinate the Block Captains.

Community Updates, Relations and Dialogue- Claudia
• Illegal Marijuana Locations. Out of the 14 dispensaries from La Brea to Fairfax, 3 are legal, 3 were closed down and 8 were notified by the City Attorney’s office.
• PICO Neighborhood Council Next Meeting- august 13th – Place: Tom Bradley Center 5213 W. Pico Blvd. at 7PM.
• Jerry’s Gardens to be moved across from the restaurant “Twin Dragon” on the other side of La Cienega.
• Every 3rd Thursday, food trucks from the restaurants on Pico Blvd. will open to encourage more business.
• “Great Streets” campaign from Los Angeles has designated $800,000.00 for 10 great streets to be remodeled and improve business. Pico Blvd was chosen. Lit cross-walks and art were discussed.
• “Fracking”, which is oil and gas drilling underground, was discussed. Meeting concerning fracking will be held at Tom Bradley Center, located on Cochran and Pico Blvd, on Wednesday August 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM.
• Bike Lanes- Pico Blvd and Venice Blvd are under discussion for bike lanes.
• New Fiscal Budget from the mayor’s office was shared. For information, go to the City of Los Angeles website.
• Movies in the Park- sponsored by Councilman Herb Wesson. The next one is on Friday Aug 22, 2014 at Queen Anne’s Park on 1240 West Blvd. For further information, please see his website at www.herbwesson.com or call his field office at 323-733-8233. The office is available Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to
6:00 PM.
• “Senior Day”. It was also suggested that we have a “Senior Day”. Details to be further discussed. For any information and help for seniors, it was suggested that we call “211” or call the Claude Pepper Senior Center at 310-559-9677.
• Communication- It was suggested that we use door hangers or flyers to promote our monthly meetings. Flyers could be paid for by the association funds.
• Vons update- There was none. We will continue trying to get current manager to attend our future meetings.

Treasury Report- Rosalind
• Balance in the account was read.
• More PicFair Meeting Signs needed.
• Fundraising was mentioned. Possibly another block party or get-to-know you gathering

Next PicFair Village Association Meeting
• Saturday September 13, 2014 at 10:00 AM at the SGI Los Angeles Friendship Center. Address: 5899 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019. Room 202
• Meeting adjourned at 12:00 PM

Private Security Patrol Information

This is regarding the rash of break-ins that have been happening in 2014. This information is to inform you of options that have been discussed. Please note this is NOT a Picfair Village Community Association Security Patrol, but rather residents of Picfair Village who are spearheading this.