Picfair Village Community Association Meeting March14, 2015

Picfair Village Community Association Meeting

Came to order March 14, 2015 at 10:15am

Attendees: Claudia Bayard, Callie Bloom, Marilyn, Amelia Buhrman, Joe Carrabba, Tia Hughes, Rosalyn Valentine, David Washington, Arthur Terry, Anthony Respondek, Marilyn Sommer, Andrew Sowards, Sylvester Robertson, Monique Carrabba

Treasurer Report: Balance Discussed and donations collected.


Election of Officers:

Elected. 8 (nominees did not vote) yes and 0 no.

Claudia Bayard: President 8-0

Sylvester Robertson: Vice President 8-0

Monique Carrabba: Secretary 8-0

Anthony Respondek: Assistant Secretary

Marilyn Sommer: Treasurer


10:34am Introductions

10:35 Marijuana Dispensaries:

The one near Olson’s Deli may have been burglarized.

Only 3 of the 14 dispensaries on Pico are legal/authorized.

10:41 Vons:

Albertson’s bought a portion of Vons stock.

They are not going to tear Von’s down they are going to remodel Vons.
The District Manager said he would come out and speak to stakeholders.

10:42 Dog Breeder on 1700 Block of Stanley. The resident owns 14 dogs.
They have been cited for the number of dogs and other issues.

10:44 Seminar for Seniors:

We have a lot of seniors in our neighborhood. We need to be aware of them.
Make sure they are cutting their grass. Keep an eye out if anything looks odd.

10:52am Ideas for Future Meetings

Callie is in charge of Block Captains.
If you have an event Monique Carrabba can put on Picfair Village Website.

If you have any ideas or suggestions we can move forward and take them to the next level and have more events.

DWP is going to cut down trees to repair sidewalk. But after much of a fight by residents Amelia Burhman, and Andrew Sowards. It was discussed to have a tree committee.

Tree Committee: Callie Bloom, Andre Sowards, Amelia Buhrman Monique Carrabba

Senior Outreach Committee: Tia Hughes, Claudia Bayard, David Washington

The committees should be and strategize in person or by email and get everything together and report back at next meeting.

Meeting times and locations. Think about how we meet, where and when.

Noticed a lot of graffiti in the neighborhood. Reported to 311.

Meeting adjourned 11:06am.


Monique Carrabba

Be On the Alert for Vehicle Thefts

Detective Wes Lin sent this to us:

The southern portion of my division (Wilshire Area) has seen an increase in vehicle thefts in the last week. The crime cluster falls into an area roughly encompassed by Fairfax Avenue to Pico Boulevard to West Boulevard to the 10 Freeway. Ford Econoline vans are being targeted largely for the contents (hand and power tools). The owners of the vehicles are working class people. The equipment is their livelihood. There is a possibility that the stolen equipment is being sold at swap meets. I want to get this information out there to increase awareness (and hopefully any tips) as well as encourage some basic safety precautions. Thank you.

Detective Wes Lin

Wilshire Area Auto Detectives

Be Aware of Catalytic Converter Theft

Our Senior Lead Officer Adam Green wants us to be alert and aware of a trend happening.Slide1{Car Burglars are after an essential piece of your car. The catalytic converter, required by Federal & State Law as part of your emissions system, can contain valuable platinum, palladium, rhodium or gold. Thefts are on the rise in the Miracle Mile and Greater Mid-City area. If taken, you could be in for a $400 to $1400 for a replacement.}

And the Nominees are….

At the Picfair Village Community Association meeting on February 14, we nominated officers for year 2015.  The names and positions of the nominees are listed below. Voting and the installation of officers will take place at our March 14, 2015 meeting.  Hope to see you next month.

President – Claudia Bayard

Vice President – Sylvester Robertson

Secretary – Monique Carrabba

Assistant Secretary – Anthony Respondek

Treasurer  – Marilyn Sommer


PVCA Board

PVCA Meeting – Feb. 14, 2014

Saturday February 14, 2015
10 AM – NOON

The Annual Elections will take place in March. In order to move things along, at the FEB. 14th meeting:

1. The Nomination Committee (5) will be elected at this meeting (Feb 14, 2015).
2. Individuals wanting to be nominated for OFFICE can do so at this meeting or submit your name and the office you seek to Acting President, Claudia Bayard (bayardclaudia@yahoo.com) or Sylvester Robertson (ssroberts37@gmail.com). This information will be forward to the elected Nominating Committee.
3. The Nominating Committee will create the list of qualifying candidates for each office at this meeting.
4. Candidates for each office must be on the nominating list 30 days before the election.
5. Election of Officers will take place on March 14, 2015 at 10AM, SGI-USA Los Angeles Friendship Center, 5899 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019.
6. Officers for the Picfair Village Community Association (PVCA) are President, Vice President, Secretary, Vice Secretary, and Treasurer.

This is important meeting for all of our residents. Hope to see you on Saturday February 14, 2015 (Valentine Day).


SGI-USA Los Angeles Friendship Center
5899 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

Come out and support your community!