PVCA: BMO/BHO Public Hearing Dates

The Department of City Planning will be holding four open house/public hearing sessions regarding the proposed amendments to single-family zones (aka Baseline Mansionization and Hillside Ordinance). The proposed amendments will apply to properties zoned R1, RS, RE, and RA and all interested persons are invited to attend.

Please see the attached notice for details on the date, time, and location of each session scheduled in the month of December.

Feel free to forward this information to interested parties. If you received this email via forwarded message from someone else and would like to receive updates directly from the Planning Department, please email neighborhoodconservation@lacity.org and ask to be added to the interest list. Please type “Add Me to BMO/BHO Notification List” in the subject line.

notice of public hearing mansionization

Volunteers needed for Winter Wonderland – Save the date – Dec 12

Good Afternoon Pico NC,
I hope this finds each of you well.  I wanted to ask you to save the date for Winter Wonderland on Dec 12.  We will need volunteers.  Here are the particulars.
​We are looking for volunteers to help assist us on Saturday December 12from 8am-2:30pm. Volunteer duties include help with lunch service, arts and craft station, holiday photos with Santa, and snow sledding.  The event will take place at our district office, 1819 S. Western Ave.
If students need volunteer services hours we can sign the forms that may be required.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
With Thanks!
Liz Carlin

Office of Council President Herb J. Wesson Jr.
1819 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90006


Minutes from Executive Board Meeting, October 19, 2015

Picfair Village Community Association Meeting

October 19th, 2015

Executive Board Meeting

In Attendance: Anthony Respondek, Sylvester Robertson, Claudia Bayard, Monique Carrabba, Marilyn Sommers

Called to order 7:15pm
Communicating ICO Motion to Stakeholders:
At next meeting we will let stakeholders know which blocks would be affected by the proposed ICO (R1 lots only).
Request Liz Carlin at our next meeting to explain motion.

Have the signed motion on Nextdoor, FB, Picfair website replace unsigned motion.

Sylvester Robertson will explain ICO at next meeting scheduled for November 14th at 10am.

Sylvester Robertson was owned $83.98 for rental of Saturn Elementary was approved by board.

Adjourned 8:05pm


Monique Carrabba
Secretary PVC

Call for Block Captains and Meeting Sign Volunteers

Dear Picfair Village Stakeholders:

We recently purchased 50 meeting signs for our bi-monthly meetings. We are looking for people to put out the signs a week prior to meetings and also be block captains.

What a block captain would do is be responsible for passing out flyers or information to the people on their block in Picfair Village. Also, not required, post signs up for our meetings. If you think this interests you, take a look at the streets/blocks in Picfair Village.
The blocks that have the word filled next to them already have a block captain.

Please respond with the following if interested:

Phone Number
House number
What block you wish to be block captain (if on an East West Street/what portion of the street you wish to cover)
Do you wish to put out signs for meetings?
If so, how many signs do you need?
If you already have signs, how many do you have.

We look forward to hearing back from you.


Monique Carrabba
PVCA, Secretary
1600 Carmona Block Captain

Block Street Name First
1400 Orange Grove
1500 Orange Grove – Filled
1600 Orange Grove
1700 Orange Grove – Filled
1700 Orange Grove – Filled
1800 Orange Grove
1900 Orange Grove
1400 Ogden
1500 Ogden
1600 Ogden
1700 Ogden – Filled
1800 Ogden
1400 Genesee – Filled
1500 Genesee – Filled
1600 Genesee
1700 Genesee
1800 Genesee – Filled
1400 Spaulding
1500 Spaulding
1600 Spaulding
1700 Spaulding
1800 Spaulding
1900 Spaulding
1400 Fairfax (Eastside of Street Only)
1500 Fairfax (Eastside of Street Only)
1600 Fairfax (Eastside of Street Only)
1700 Fairfax (Eastside of Street Only)
1800 Fairfax (Eastside of Street Only)
1400 Carmona – Filled
1500 Carmona – Filled
1600 Carmona – Filled
1400 Hauser (West side of street only)
1500 Hauser (West side of street only) – Fillled
1600 Hauser (West side of street only) – Fillled
1400 Stanley
1500 Stanley – Filled
1600 Stanley
1700 Stanley
1400 Ellsmere – Fillled
1500 Ellsmere
1600 Ellsmere
1700 Ellsmere
1400 Curson
1500 Curson
1600 Curson – Filled
1600 Curson – Filled
1400 Sierra Bonita
1500 Sierra Bonita
1600 Sierra Bonita