General and Annual Membership Meeting

November 12th, 2016




10:00                          Our Purpose/ Vision Statement


10:01                          CD-10 Report

Traffic Light on Fairfax & Sawyer and the No left (west) turn @ 18th & Spaulding Intersection


10:10                          P.I.C.O Neighborhood Council Update: PicFair Village Rep – Sylvester Robertson

  1. Clean LA Events completed – Nov. 5th results (overall results)
  2. Two Land Use items
  3. PICONC Budget Increased by $5,000
  4. Any new developments from PICONC Board (11.9.16) meeting


10:25                          New zoning and the Public Hearing Update

Adult Marijuana bill


10:30                          Pico Great Street Collaborative: Nancy Hanover


10:35                          Treasurer’s Report


10:38                          Committee Updates:

Bylaw Amendments – SPECIAL MEETING 12/10/16


Social Events

Block Captains/Neighborhood Watch


10:50                          Public Comments (limit to 3 minutes per person)


11:05                          Adjournment


Meeting Location:     SGI-USA Los Angeles Friendship Center • 5899 Venice Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA

Meeting Time:             10:00AM – 11:30AM

11.12.16, 10am, PVCA Meeting Agenda